foreign ownership

If you are not an Indonesian national you might be under the impression that are unable to legally purchase property in Indonesia. But you can. In fact, many foreigners have successfully purchased properties in Indonesia.  There are three ways to do this.

company freehold

Set up a (PT PMA) company in Indonesia and purchase a property 100% freehold in the company name.

Nominee Freehold

Mainly for those with an Indonesian spouse as the nominee.


This flexible option is where a property is leased through an existing (PT PMA) company and gives the lessee exclusive rights, to develop, subdivide and/or even on-sell the remainder of the lease. Leasehold through a (PT PMA) company meets all the legal requirements for foreign ownership.

with you all the way

Whatever arrangement you choose we are there to help you all the way. In partnership with Zando Consulting, we can help you set up your own company and purchase property, or work with you should you choose a nominee. But, if these options are not for you then leasehold has never been easier because Sumbali Island Real Estate is an existing (PT PMA) company that you can lease through.

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