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Sumbali Island Real Estate
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Sumbali Island Real Estate

In conjunction with Zandos consulting,  we will be working with you to make your purchase worry free. From advising you of the best purchasing solution whether it be freehold or leasehold and anything else you may require from visa arrangements to company start ups. We will be there for you all the way.


Sumba Office

Our office in Sumba is only 800 metres from the Tambolaka airport. This is the first Real Estate office physically on the island.  If you are travelling to Sumba and wish to visit a property, please contact us prior to your arrival.


With You All The Way

Whatever arrangement you choose we are there to help you all the way. In partnership with Zando Consulting, we can help you set up your own company and purchase property, or work with you should you choose a nominee. But, if these options are not for you then leasehold has never been easier because Sumbali Island Real Estate is an existing (PT PMA) company that you can lease through.

Foreign Ownership

If you are not an Indonesian national you might be under the impression that are unable to legally purchase property in Indonesia. But you can. In fact, many foreigners have successfully purchased properties in Indonesia. There are three ways to do this.

Company or Nominee Freehold

Set up a (PT PMA) company in Indonesia and purchase a property 100% freehold in the company name.

Or, if you have an Indonesian spouse, you can get a nominee freehold


This flexible option is where a property is leased through an existing (PT PMA) company and gives the lessee exclusive rights, to develop, subdivide and/or even on-sell the remainder of the lease. Leasehold through a (PT PMA) company meets all the legal requirements for foreign ownership.

About beautiful Sumba

An emerging destination

Compared with Bali, Sumba’s property market is in its infancy and developers are now seeing emerging opportunities on the island with a number of eco-friendly resorts currently under construction.

In increasing numbers, adventure-seeking and discerning travellers have been enjoying this beautiful island. Spectacular rituals, peaked roof houses, beautiful Ikat cloth and monolithic graves sites make Sumba one of the most culturally interesting destinations within the Nusa Tenggara group.

Meanwhile, Sumba’s tropical beaches and clear ocean waters are becoming an attractive destination for scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, surfing and photography. And, not to be missed is the interior’s numerous waterfalls and panoramic the views of the coast from the island’s highlands.

A Confident Future

There is a growing confidence and hope for the islands future with an international airport planned for Tambolaka and a new ring road now nearing completion. A 100% renewable energy target for 2025 may just make Sumba a shining example for the rest of the world.


Sumba is only an hour flight from Bali and there are daily services by both Nam Air and Lion Air to Tambolaka in South West Sumba. There are also flights into East Sumba as well as a regular freight service from Java.

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